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Indian Food-Tech Zomato Makes A Bid to Transform Itself Into a Farm-to-Fork Company
Welcome to Bengaluru, a destination for farmers eager to sell their produce to food-tech major Zomato, which is making an audacious bid to transform itself into a farm-to-fork company with HyperPure. ...

New pizza restaurant from famed Indian chef opens in Eden Prairie
(9451 Joiner Way, Eden Prairie, 952-467-6100, Iyer, a culinary instructor and author of several books on Indian cuisine, is fusing a food familiar to most Midwestern palates with flav...

Sympathy for Indian deliveryman caught eating clients' food
The firing of a food deliveryman in India after he was busted eating from a client’s order and then resealing the containers is generating global sympathy for the worker. The video, which was shot in ...

Vegetarian Indian fusion restaurant Veg-O-Rama is opening a Canton location
Veg-O-Rama owner Prafulla Kharkar has big plans for his vegetarian Indian fusion fast food restaurant — he tells Metro Times he wants to see it grow into a national chain that rivals McDonald's. Follo...

Colorado Springs Indian food teacher has expanded her business
Polka Dots and Curry cooking classes, focused on healthy eating and exotic spices, have become so popular that Monika Celly has moved them out of her house and into space at Boz Catering Kitchen.

Indian restaurant coming to Uptown Whittier has to compromise on late hours
Two weeks after approving a policy to allow Uptown restaurants to stay open until 2 a.m. — but only Thursday through Saturday — Whittier City Council members wrestled with the real-world application w...

Indian Organic Food Industry: Trends Forecast 2019
India’s GDP growth of 6.5per cent in 2017 was strong despite challenges like the implementation of GST. The forecast for GDP growth in FY2019 is predicted to be more than 7per cent. This will certainl...

Where to Eat in Indian Wells
The shop’s go-to roasts are from the organic, High Desert–made Joshua Tree Coffee Co., and there’s also a food menu with a smattering of salads, sandwiches, breakfast items, and freshly baked pastries ...

BayLeaf restaurant bringing authentic Indian dishes to Columbia’s Vista
Columbia’s Vista will soon be broadening its dining options when a new eclectic Indian restaurant officially opens its doors Monday. BayLeaf is described by owner Pavan Reddy as a fine dining experien...

China Southern Introduces New Indian Meals on Flights to India
These included a Hindu Meal, Muslim Meal, Kosher Meal and Indian Veggie Meal. The Indian Veggie Meal comprised of bread, basmati rice and two vegetarian curry dishes. In the Muslim Meal, one of the ve...

New Indian Restaurant Opens Wednesday In Newtown
NEWTOWN, PA — Good news for fans of Indian cuisine: Cross Culture, an Indian restaurant with three other Bucks County locations, will open its Newtown restaurant today — Wednesday, Dec. 12.

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