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Northern Power Sports keeps Alaskans at play in the outdoors
FAIRBANKS — Thirty-seven years ago Jim and Karen Hill purchased a small snowmachine shop on Third Street. They bought the business because Jim had spent a career in the carpet laying business, and he ...

MSU looks to build $4M sports dome
A sports bubble where young workers and their families can play makes Mankato more attractive in the growing ... With an artificial-turf playing field, the facility would be available for outdoor spor...

The power of outdoor play benefits kids – and all of us
Academics and organized sports demand more time from this age ... It is becoming such an epidemic that doctors now prescribe outdoor play. It is a travesty that we must be told to do something ...

One of the best chefs in Los Angeles just opened a sports bar next to the LAFC stadium, with foosball
The restaurant has pinball, foosball and arcade games along with plenty of TVs showing sports games. Free Play also serves beer ... massive screens and a large outdoor patio.

Kids no longer know how to play outside so a new school program is putting mud on the curriculum
There is a plethora of statistics like this; in 2016 Active Healthy Kids Australia (AHKA) presented its Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Young People, and awarded our nation a D– ; a ...

Outdoor Column: When is the best time to hunt?
However, the research done by Penn State University shows that overall, the weather does not play a significant in role deer movement patterns. Greatest movement will still be at dawn or dusk. Certain...

Here are the things in sports that GOTTA GO!
The Washington football team comes to town this weekend to play the Bucs. Notice we didn't use the nickname. We refuse. It's offensive. And don't even try to argue it. It's wrong and it needs to go. I...

Portronics Harmonics PLAY Wireless Headphones launched in India for Rs 2,999
This time around the company has launched a sports wireless headphones dubbed as "Harmonics PLAY". The new wireless headphones are primarily designed for outdoor activities such as running, gym and sp...

Area college athletes: Mizzou, Illinois wrestling to open season outdoors again
A year ago, Missouri’s wrestling team opened the season with a 20-17 win over Illinois at the Mizzou softball field in the Tigers’ first outdoor dual ... In men’s junior college play, 14th-ranked St. ...

Outdoors calendar for Lancaster County, week beginning Nov. 10
Nature Parachute Play event for kids 12-36 months ... Dress for both indoor and outdoor activities and bring a snack if desired. Cost is $8 per Scout; $1 per adult; badges are not included.

Girls are being denied access to certain sports in PE simply because of their gender
Gender norms are not limited to schools, they follow girls in their quest to play ... "male" sports and others being teased, bullied and harassed while being physically active outdoors.

One man’s trash: how using everyday items for play benefits kids
and sports equipment (balls, bats, boards and hoops). The equipment can be transformed according to students’ play needs over time. Students have used the movable equipment to work cooperatively ...

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